Hello again, lovely gals! I'm back, hijacking 27th + Luxe for the day while Keizra and her hubby are enjoying their honeymoon!

Today I thought we'd chat about the important details of vacation. You know, after you've stressed about packing and ultimately decided to pull out your smaller suitcase for all of your shoes. (Oh, just me? Don't tell my husband that.) Here are a few fun other details you may want to consider for your next vacation!


Picture taking can be kind of tough if it's just the two of you... my husband and I have gotten really good at the vacation selfies but that also gets real boring really quick. If you're with a group of people or can find someone to take the picture, try to switch it up a bit - get creative! There's the old "jumping in mid-air" go-to, or you could get an under-water camera and take some "I totally feel like a mermaid" pictures. Don't forget, you can always use props for your pictures- sunglasses on the beach, toes in the sand, morning coffee with a backdrop of your view, or even the sunset through a wine glass. It's pretty easy to get creative through pictures while sharing moments of your trip, especially with all of the phone apps these days! *My two top favorite photo apps are PicTapGo & Over (both were used in the picture above).



If you're taking a road trip, I'd say this is a really important piece and suggest kickin' it old school. There is nothing better than driving through long stretches of highway listening to Boys II Men, Amy Grant, or a little All 4 One and reminiscing of the good ol' days. (Definitely makes the trip go by fast!) Another great idea for a road trip (especially if you're by yourself) is to get a good book on tape. Unfortunately I've never been able to do this- I get too into the story and forget I'm driving. But it might work for you! Road trip or not, both of these things can be handy for a day spent laying on the beach or at a pool. (Unless you like to people watch and listen to other people's conversations, like me.) 


Call me old school, but there's nothing more romantic than sending or receiving a postcard. Bring a few stamps with you on your vacation and stock up on cool postcards throughout the week to mail out. To switch it up a bit, I LOVE this idea of mailing a postcard back home to your "back from vacation self" - because the "back from vacation blues" are REAL, y'all. Keeping the postcards you've sent yourself in a little box is a great and fun way to look back on awesome vacations.



While I have yet to do this, I love this idea so much. Bring a journal or notebook and document what you did each day, sights you saw, restaurants you went to or food you ate, and any other special moments you don't want to forget. There's something so dreamy and reminiscent about hand writing in a journal, including pictures, dried flowers, or other little things you stick in-between the pages. Years after your trip, this will be such a special thing to have on your coffee table back home or tucked safely away on your bookshelf to open up on a rainy day.

And one more thing...
Don't forget to relax a bit too, okay? If you're a planner like I am, it's easy to get a little carried away with all the "to-dos" and details but remember you're on VACATION. Enjoy it!

Thanks again for hangin' out with me today on 27th + Luxe! 


  1. This is my first time commenting on your blog even though I've been reading it daily. The reason why this post sparked me to comment is because I highly recommend doing a travel journal. My mom wrote one when she was my age (23) and throughout her life. I am so glad that she did that because I have started reading her journal. It is really neat to see her progression through life and all of her thoughts/feelings on paper. I highly recommend starting one :)

  2. Alisa, I'm so glad to hear about the travel journal!! I just bought a new journal today in preparation for my upcoming vacation this weekend. How cool that you were able to go through your mom's - that's so special!


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