Oh THANK YOU! Even with a shorter work week, I thought today would never get here! The cons of being in the cubicle all day while your head is in the clouds I guess! This week was filled with awesomeness on the creative front. I was inspired by so many things and I've started to work on doing more of what I love. I'm finding my way remember? 

Let's get all up into that awesomeness shall we!

// By Regina + Vale Design offer up some great tips for launching your freelance biz.

// Looking for tips on finding your signature style? Betty Red can show you how!

// Just do you. Follow your own unique path.

// Ah, I love it when in-person programs are offered online so everyone can partake in the awesomeness! Blogcademy now has a home school program!

// Chasing Happy is now Hello Neverland! Kenzie is just awesome - I'm loving watching her blog grow! And guess what? She's now offering blog + brand audits!

// With so much to do + so little time, it's important to remember to work smarter, not harder.

It's very evident where my mind was this week huh?

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  1. Keizra, I absolutely love how beautiful this blog is and how wonderful you seem. Thank you for sharing these links. I hadn't heard of Vale Design before, but she seems like an excellent resource. I appreciate that you shared a link to my site too + I always love Elembee. Glad to have found you.

  2. Hi + thank you so much for visiting! You're very welcome. I love what you're doing + I'm looking forward to learning more from you!


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