Cheers to the weekend!! I'm so glad it's Saturday, aren't you? Today will be my "rest" day because tomorrow we're celebrating my dad's 50th birthday, so I'll have some work to do early in the day. I can't believe it - and he still looks exactly the way he looked when I was a little girl. Both of my parents have good me something to look forward to!

I couldn't let the weekend come + go without sharing some of the awesomeness I discovered during the week!  

// have you ever heard of The Freelance To Freedom Project? I just discovered this the other day, don't ask me how I found it, but I'm hooked! 

// are you an introvert + you dream of owning or already own your own business? Then visit The Marketing Movement to learn the "art of thriving quietly". 

// if you enjoyed Emily's guest post and were intrigued by the travel journal, then you'll love reading this oldie but goodie about creating a travel scrapbook

// I often struggle with being an introvert as I'm sure plenty introverts do. This is an interesting article about being an introvert in an extroverted industry

// this post makes me want to head back to Austin this summer - so much to explore there! 

// now that grad school is almost over, it's time to get back to this sewing business. I've been wanting to try my hand at sewing my own skirt. Do you sew - got any tips? 

// since the wedding has come + gone, I'm so excited to start dreaming (with more detail!) about our next home. This living room is so cute + gives me all sorts of inspiration!

And to start your weekend off right, a giveaway!! I'm sponsoring The Nectar Collective and we are giving away $230 in prizes to Etsy and Amazon. Enter the giveaway below and best of luck!

$230 giveaway to Amazon and Etsy, WOW!

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