It's been a long week. A really long one. I just woke up to head to the nail shop and all I want to do is crawl back into bed because I probably won't sleep again until Monday. I know Sunday is the big day, but it still hasn't hit me that I'll be walking down the aisle and getting married. That's a major change!! And maybe I won't ever get nervous because I've been with this dude for 8 years. That's a long time and I'm ready for what's to come. So cheers! Especially to THIS weekend!

// so feeling this right now. It sure is never too late!!

// check out this pretty wedding featured on SMP yesterday.

// have some time to be creative this weekend? Try these DIYs, I'll be trying a few when I get back from the honeymoon!

// i had no idea this happened in my own backyard. I discovered it when i had fomo about Coachella. Hopefully I can make it there - word on the street is that Outkast will be there!

// loving these pictures. My dream home would be near a beach...Galveston does not count. 

// another DIY to try! I have been looking for a tray too and this one is perfect!

// apparently Pineapple decor is a thing...not sure how I feel about it. BUT I do know these prints are super cute!

// and i'll leave you with one last wedding - from Texas!

Have an awesome and hopefully relaxing weekend. I start running around like a chicken with my head cut off today...pray for me!


  1. Oh my gooodness congrats!!! I cannot believe it is finally here!! I am praying for you this weekend!! I know that you'll be tired but this is so worth it and so exciting. Seize this and enjoy this much deserved weekend, lady. Yaaayyyy!!!!!


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