I was inspired by something that my husband (still sounds so weird!) said to me last night about my name. One of his good friends just found out he's having a boy this time around. Aaron asked him  if he would be named after him to which he replied "No", because he doesn't like his middle name. Naturally, this got us talking about my name. I still cringe when I'm meeting someone for the first time + as an adult I've mentally prepared myself for the fact that 9 times out of 10, my name will be slaughtered. 

That was such an uncomfortable feeling growing up, dreading the first day of school + hearing the little kids sniggle (snicker + giggle) as the teacher stumbled over my name. I hid my middle name for 28 years too - it's only been publicly shared with all my friends when we sent out wedding invitations. Yes - they said it at graduation, but nobody remembers that! Seeing something on sticks with you. 

I've grown to love my first name. It's my mom + dad's name smashed together - another symbol of the love that created me. As I've gotten older, I understand that + so I don't cringe nearly as much when meeting someone for the first time. So as we're talking I said "Well, I don't like my middle name and  would not pass it on." And then Aaron began to lovingly lecture me (it wasn't really a lecture but he can talk for days when he's passionate about something!) about how people make fun of things they don't understand and so forth and so on. And then he said "Your middle name is beautiful. Just think of how much knowledge of the world your young parents had to name you that!"

And that my friends is what inspired me. I'm named after this lady, Miriam Makeba. It didn't really click with me until Aaron made that statement. My parents were young when they had me - so it's amazing to me that they chose that name for me. And so now I have questions about why, although I'm sure it's because she was a civil rights activist campaigning against apartheid, causing her to be exiled from her homeland. And, I'm inspired! Choosing a name for your child is important! You can't give them just any name. A name shapes you and is a part of who you are. 

I'm thankful to Aaron for helping to remove the uncomfortableness around my name + I'm inspired by + thankful to my parents for giving me these names that have meaning behind them. Will I pass it on? I still don't think so. I really believe in everyone being given their own identity + forging their own path. I believe in giving my future children names that have meaning + will build a strong identity. 

What are you inspired by?

**You can learn more about Miriam Makeba, aka Mama Africa, here + here.**

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