If you read Darling Magazine, then you’ve probably seen the article “Redefining Your “AhA” Moment”. It’s all about redefining your success based on your unique passions and talents. For the past few weeks as I’ve been working on my last course for grad school and looking for a job, I’ve been thinking about my “aha” moment. It came earlier this year when I decided to create the job that I would love to have and to also work to build that job into the career (work from home entrepreneuress) I hope to have in the future. I figured why wait for someone else to decide to give me the job that I want when I can work to create the job myself.

What I’ve been struggling with is doubt, fear, risk aversion (ha!), and confusion. The first three are focused around my fear of whether or not I can really do this – build the career that I want on my own. Yes, I have people in my corner and I’ve got some online friends who inspire me every day to continue to reach for what I want, but there is still that little voice that says “Ummm…and who do you think you are? You can’t do that!!” I wonder if I’m good enough, smart enough and talented enough. Then that last one – confusion- that’s a doozy. I’m probably confusing myself because I tend to overanalyze. I think and rethink, and then rethink again. I also have tons of ideas so it has been a challenge to focus on the ones that are aligned with the brand that I want + hope to build.

One of the key things the author said that really stood out to me was that her major flaw was the belief that success revolves around money. My major flaw is the belief that my success is dependent upon having a great corporate career…and money. Since I’ve been developing my brand for this blog, I’ve discovered that I don’t really believe that. Especially when my end goal is to have a beautiful family that I can serve by being around, being soccer mom, chair of the PTA - maybe not this, but you get the picture! I want to serve my family on my own terms and not be at the beck and call of a company. Being my own boss will allow me to do that. The second big takeaway for me was this final thought:

“What dream do you have that has been silenced somehow, or that you feel is on the brink of either giving up or taking off? Either way, know this: simplify your idea of being a success or a failure. Focus on how you can rise by lifting others up along with you. Cultivate the ability to listen to your dream, because passion is loud, unstoppable and uniquely yours. Nobody on the planet was given the exact same gifts as you were, and how you use those gifts has the potential to change the world.”  - Courtney Sims –

What an amazing + insightful way to close! So, no “Luxe Link Love” today. Instead, I want you to think about how you define your success. What does failure look like to you? But, most importantly, while you’re on your own journey, how can you bring others along for the ride?

Have a GREAT weekend!


  1. I really need to take some time to meditate on what failure looks like to me. Thank you for such an inspiring post! I'm very proud of your determination and courage to be your own boss and chase after your dreams. If you're looking for someone to bring along for the ride, you can totally knock on my door.

  2. Thanks CJ! Yes, reflection is definitely a key player when you're making the decision to pursue a passion. I also think it should be more than a one time or every so often thing.


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