A Dream Workspace

Dream Workspace

Since I dream of working for myself, I also dream about my workspace. I posted what I'm currently working with here. Still a work in progress for sure! I currently live in an apartment and I can't wait until we have our own home where I have more freedom to style my space the way I want!

While this will do for now, I love chic + fabulous things! I also envision a space tat can sort of be a one stop shop for working + shipping. And of course I'll want a separate meeting space too!

Chic Meeting Spaces

Meeting Space 1
{Home Inspirations} Chic office decor in gold ~ stunning Mosiac design by Bisazza

Meeting 2

Meeting 3

luxe workspaces


Jeffers design studio office

Workspace 2

workspace 3

Which one is your favorite? I'm quite partial to meeting room #1 and #3, and workspace #2 myself!

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