Dream Spaces: Kitchens

This week I am lusting over kitchens. I don't really cook- A does that, but I do love to dabble in baking! And as you all know from this post, I am itching to get into a house. So in the meantime, I look at images that inspire me and daydream about my dream spaces.



Fernando Bengoechea


Simon Upton





So I really love each of these images! But I think my favorites are the kitchens with the built in library-especially the kitchen with the bench! That would likely become a reading nook! And, I'm so surprised I like the traditional kitchen.  I also love the light fixtures in the first three kitchens, and how bright each kitchen is. Sigh...I really can't wait to have a home I can make my own.

What about you? What does your dream kitchen look like? 

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