The Thankful Project Day 11: Something You Were Taught

The Thankful ProjectToday’s prompt was a little bit more challenging to write because I had to think of something I’ve been taught that I consider to be pretty significant. I couldn’t come up with anything. Nada. And then it came to me.
Lessons Learned In Life

I was thinking about being taught to stand up for myself-something I thought I learned more…or understood more as an adult. But then, I remembered my little four year old self speaking to my mom after an encounter with a bully in kindergarten. My parents taught me to stand up for myself. Sometimes that can be a difficult thing to do!! Especially when you don’t like confrontation-because we all know that standing up for ourselves can cause just that! But also, when you like for others to be happy, it can be a real challenge.

I’ve learned that standing up for myself can sometimes cause unhappiness or discomfort to others and that’s ok. Sometimes, my happiness/self-worth/whatever MUST come before someone else’s. As an adult I’ve realized just how important it is, especially as a career woman and with all the stereotypes and difficulties we can face in the workplace.

So, I am thankful that I learned that lesson as a little girl. It is still something I am learning every day.

Gilded Butterfliesz
What were you taught that you are thankful for?

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