The Thankful Project Day 27: A Simple Pleasure

The Thankful Project

For day 27 of The Thankful Project, our prompt is "a simple pleasure".

This was pretty easy for me to figure out! A simple pleasure that I am thankful for is reading. I LOOOOOOOOOOOVE to read!! I am an introvert, and I think that may have something to do with it. I love to communicate with words and I love that when I read, it's very easy for me to visualize the characters and "see" what it is that I am reading.

This all started when I was 3 years old. My parents decided I was too smart for my own good and began teaching me a little at home-my address, phone number, how to write my name, read simple little things. I remember my interview for private school like it was yesterday. I was four and naturally the principal was impressed so I got in. Kindergarten is where my love of reading began! Those little paper books with all those stories! I wonder if they still use those? Kids are more than likely learning to read on iPads...and with videos like "My Baby Can Read". Which reminds me-my sisters and I learned with  this guy :
teaching teddy

Do any of ya'll remember teaching teddy?? Click on the image for a treat!

Anyway, another reason I love reading - my parents. Every summer, they took us to the library where we could get whatever book we wanted (with their approval of course!). We had to read them and write book reports. Can you believe that?? They had us doing summer reading! So when I actually did have to start doing them in school, it was a piece of cake!!

Oh and in 4th grade we had this program where we could read so many books at different reading levels. When we passed each level we'd get a dog tag to add to our chain. They were different colors-I thought it was cool-I was all over that!

And now, I read whenever I get a chance. Most of it is for grad school, but I just bought some new books to add to my stack of "need to read" books.

What about you? What simple pleasure are you most thankful for? 

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