The Thankful Project Day 6: A Failure

The Thankful Project

Welcome to Day 6 of The Thankful Project.  Click on the image or “The Thankful Project” to learn more and link up with Kenzie!
Geez louise!!! I don't think anyone really likes to talk about failures. BUT!! I will say a failure usually offers up a great learning experience for you and sometimes is a great story for others. So, right now for me, I consider my biggest failure to be that I am not employed in the field of my choosing-the field I've racked up all this college debt for. Right now the economy and job market sucks and also, a lot of the postings I've seen require 3+ years of experience!! But, I am thankful that this happened because I learned that I am really passionate about the field and that I am a fighter because I keep trying to make it into that marketing job!

**Side note: This reminds me of the first time I failed-when I tried out for basketball in 7th grade and didn't make the team!! As soon as I got home, I was outside in the driveway practicing so I could ensure that I made the team in 8th grade. I guess that was a hint of the stuff I'm made of!!**

It has also pushed me to step outside the box and my comfort zone. The job market is so much more competitive now and so I've been reaching out to people for help, I probably could do more, but asking for help is a challenge in itself for me! I'm freelancing to try to build up some experience for my resume! I am working on expanding my skill set- the list goes on and on!

So, at the end of the day, I'm thankful for this failure because it's shown me what I am really made of when it comes to grown up "problems" and challenges, and what I'll do to make sure I reach what I define as success. If I'm willing to do this to work for someone else, I am excited about the work I plan to do for myself!


What are you determined to accomplish? Please share in the comments section!

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