The Thankful Project Day 18: A Choice

The Thankful Project

Today's prompt is about "a choice".

Let's see...I think the choice I am most thankful for is when I decided to move to Fort Worth, TX for a job. I had been in conversations with the Lord, had learned to be more grateful for what I already had-I told ya'll about that process here. That was sort of my start at learning how to be more faithful and to trust the plans that had already been laid out for me by Him.

I remember my first day of work there-when I got home I cried my little eyes out because I felt alone!! I had moved away to a place where I knew NO ONE!! Now, my fiancĂ©'s  (boyfriend at the time) family lives in Dallas so I could always go over there if I wanted to-but I wanted to make my own friends and build my own life outside of that. Thankfully, I received a call out of the blue from my now wonderful mentor who I also talked about here.

That's how I found my church home and met some great people and really grew my relationship with God. That's something I really don't think would have happened the way it did had I stayed in Houston right after graduation. As a believer and as an adult, I understand how truly important that relationship is. I still make mistakes and still try to take care of things on my own (very nuts of me!!), but I know that He has plans for my life and if I would just give everything over to Him-let Him have complete control, everything will be alright.

What about you? What choice are you thankful for? What decision(s) can you think back on that has helped shape who you are today?

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  1. Wow, I didn't even think of writing about CHOOSING to move away! I know that feeling. I left everything I knew and owned and moved to a different country at a young age of fourteen. It's always good to hear that there are other believers out there.


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