The Thankful Project Day 4: An Experience

The Thankful Project

On day 4 of The Thankful Project, the prompt asks us to write about an experience that we are thankful for. I am thankful that I've had the experience of working at a non-profit organization and then also working in corporate america because it has had a direct impact on my faith.

I graduated in 2008 without a job and I trusted God to get me a job within two months because I had bills to pay! I did my part by working Monday through Friday, 8am-5pm just applying to different jobs. And, I trusted the Lord to do the rest. Sure enough,  in two months I had a job at a local area non-profit. At first I was very thankful that I was employed, but over time that transitioned into ungratefulness because my Director was so unkind and honestly, I thought a salary that was equivalent to my student loan debt and the job related stress was totally not worth it.

Then my good friend Maria reminded me that being ungrateful would get me nowhere. So, once I got my mind right  and thanked the Lord everyday for the job that I had, I was blessed with a position in corporate America with twice the pay! The reason I am thankful for the corporate experience is not solely because of the salary, but because of all the skills I've developed along the way that I wouldn't have otherwise. But the bad experiences on the job have also shown me what I do and don't want to do, and have shaped my goals for the future. It also reminded me that even in my high stress work situations, the Lord is my source and through Him everything will be quite alright.

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