The Thankful Project Day 2: A Role You've Played

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The Thankful Project

I am thankful that I have had the opportunity to help others by being an informal mentor/by offering counsel. I've never been a mentor in a formal capacity. It has always been informal and really just sort of...happened. I realized I was a mentor, or at least someone others felt they could confide in, when people started coming to me for advice.

So really, I guess I'm thankful that God has made it possible for others to see me as a person they can confide in as well as a source for sound advice. And, I really enjoy it! I'm glad that the Lord has given me a good head on my shoulders and I'm able to provide some guidance to others. The best part about playing this role is being helpful and being able to hear about that person's progress in their situation after we've spoken. I'm thankful that I'm a helper.

I get to do this the most with my sisters. I have 3 sisters from my parents marriage. My dad recently remarried and I have a new sister and a baby brother that was born last year. So now, I am the oldest of 6. It really is such a pleasure to be able to be there for them, watch them grow, and try to help them avoid mistakes that I have made or have seen others make.

Tyson Sisters

Michaela and Jonathan
Love them all to pieces!!

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