The Thankful Project Day 13: An Ability

The Thankful Project

Today I decided to highlight multiple abilities that I am thankful for. I thought it would be especially good for me because of what I shared on Day 1 of The Thankful Project. And, I thought it would be cool to do an ability for each year of my life, to remind me that it is a blessing to be here, and that the struggles in this world will not last forever.

  1. Breathe

  2. To keep a full time job

  3. Hear

  4. See-I love seeing beauty in art, written words, fashion, you name it!

  5. Laugh

  6. Love

  7. Write-I get to write letters, and take notes and of course blog!

  8. Taste/Eat…I love food!!

  9. Take care of myself

  10. Marry who I choose- and I choose A, LOVE HIM!!

  11. Paint

  12. Decorate

  13. Sew

  14. Play-we’re all just big kids really!

  15. Drive

  16. Run-meh…I don’t like running, but I’m thankful that I can!

  17. Read (I see what I’m reading so vividly)

  18. Pay my bills

  19. Sleep – I love sleeping!!

  20. Study-I love learning new things

  21. Travel

  22. Use technology

  23. Take pictures

  24. Swim

  25. Smell-especially when it’s a familiar scent that brings back a childhood memory-love that!

  26. Style-I have a good eye for dressing myself

  27. Plan my wedding-it let me see just how creative I can be

  28. Live-I get to make my life what I want it to be and as I approach 30, that’s becoming so much more important to me.

I hope you enjoyed this list and that it inspired you to think of not only the things that you are exceptionally good at, but also the little things that make your world go round. Thanks for reading and please do share your abilities in the comments below!

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