The Thankful Project Day 7: A Job

The Thankful Project

Welcome to day seven of The Thankful Project! Be sure to click on the link to read more about it and link up with Kenzie!

Blair Gets a Job
Photo by: Giovanni Rufino

I am thankful for the second job/company I worked for after college. The reason for that is because it was a positive environment-mainly no drama. And, the last supervisor and team I worked with were Christians, so we related to each other on that level and I learned a great deal from them. I could trust that when they gave me advice, it was going to be according to God's word.

I also met my mentor there who I adore!! He helped me through a lot of challenges that I faced at the company, introduced me to my church, OCBF, while I lived in the DFW area, and he and his wife were kind enough to mentor my fiancé and I. It's amazing the clarity you can have when you leave a situation. I can now understand the purpose of those 3 1/2 years of my life! I also made some friends at that company who I admire. And, I experienced a lot of personal growth -that was a lot of years spent on my own!

Now that I am about to get married, I'm glad that taking that job provided me with the opportunity for personal growth and spiritual growth. And, it also led me to some great friends too!

What job experience(s) are you thankful for?

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