The Thankful Project Day 16: Something You Own

The Thankful Project

Today's prompt is "something you own". Read more about The Thankful Project and link up with Kenzie, there's still time!

I just purchased a Nikon DSLR and I am in LOVE! I've been putting it off for a while and probably still could have held off a little longer because these camera's ain't cheap!

When I was in high school I took a photography class with a manual SLR, film (do ya'll remember what that is?!) and an actual dark room. I loved it so much! I have all my stuff boxed up at my dad's otherwise I would have scanned some stuff to show ya'll! Anyway, I loved it!

I'm thankful that I now have a DSLR and that I stopped putting off the purchase! Now I can carry it around with me everywhere and snap pictures of anything that catches my eye. A lot of the more recent pictures on this blog (like these) have been taken with this camera. I just love it-so much more clear and crisp! Plus, one of my dream job titles is "photographer extraordinaire"!!

DIY Camera Strap
What about you? What is something you are thankful you own?

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