The Thankful Project Day 10: A Memory

The Thankful Project

Today is day ten of The Thankful Project! Please click on the image above to learn more and link up with Kenzie!

Well, it took me a little time to think of a memory that was pretty significant that I wanted to write about. When I was a little girl, my paternal grandmother was in town visiting. My sister and I were watching the Miss Universe or Miss America or something pageant. I remember a contestant from some country was up doing something and my little sister said "I hate her!!!" Now, what she meant was, "I don't like her!!" And, I remember my grandma saying "You don't hate people!...You strongly dislike them." That lesson was directed to my sister, but I soaked it up like it was meant for me.

Now that I am an adult, I'm thankful for that memory of my grandma. She passed away when I was a young girl and I'm thankful that is one of the lessons I received from her. I can take it for exactly what it was -the literal lesson. But, I can also apply it to so many different things that I may be facing. As an adult, I can really appreciate what she was teaching us. That you don't hate anyone, you love everyone the same way God loves them...even if you may not like them! That helps me when it's important for me to show kindness and love to others when my flesh really doesn't want to.

What is your memory? Please share in the comments section!!

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