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I really want to move. Like REALLY. I live in a fairly decent sized apartment. I have decent furniture and pretty good taste, so I like what I see when I come home everyday. But...I could make things look so much better! With the wedding literally around the corner, all my funds and any loose change I happen to find, are dedicated to this wedding. So for today's post, I thought I'd share some spaces I'm currently lusting over while I count down the days until we can finally leave this apartment and I can have fun decorating and styling our new home!

Lounge Area

Living Room

Master Bathroom

[cJDS Designs 
JDS Designs via Houzz

Sigh. I'm especially excited about this last image! I can't wait to have a space that functions as both an office/craft space/shipping area. This one is just lovely!! You can click on the image to see more images of this office.

What about you? What spaces are you looking at for design inspiration?

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