The Thankful Project Day 24: A Physical Trait You Have

The Thankful Project

Day 24-wow! I can't believe there are only four days left, the time has really flown by! Read more about The Thankful Project here. Today's prompt is "a physical trait you have".

I think this is a very interesting prompt! I have always thought growing up that my sisters are very beautiful -still do to this day! And, I've always been able to point out how other women are beautiful. But as I've gotten older, and this really started during my college years, I've realized my own physical beauty. The traits that I am thankful for are my eyes and my smile. 

A is in this photo...but ignore him!! I like this picture and wanted to share it. I love the shape of my eyes and that when I smile, my entire face comes alive. 

I'm thankful that I finally arrived at the place where I am comfortable in my own skin and realize that God took the time to create me just this way, and I am truly grateful for that.

What about you? What physical trait are you thankful for? Is there a trait that you didn't like so much before but are now completely in love with? Please share, I'd love to hear about it!


I read all comments and will reply as well! Thank you so much for your comment!