Baton Rouge & NOLA

This past weekend I traveled down to Baton Rouge for the LSU Homecoming Festivities. My youngest sister attends LSU. She's a freshman this year majoring in psychology.

Tower at LSU

I had a great time! On friday night we went with her to the club. And, at 28 years of age...that scene is no longer for me! I prefer a chic lounge and classy cocktails, no rowdiness allowed! But, it was worth it to hang out with my sisters! On Saturday, we toured the campus and I'm still sore! Again, evidence that Operation SFTD has been aborted! I remember the days when I used to speed walk across my campus! We hit up a Greek Tailgate, ate some Chick-fil-A, laughed at the college kids who nearly fainted because Chick-fil-A closed at 5:30pm that day. I swear, that stuff is like crack...I don't know what crack is like, I just assume it's like crack.

LSU Homecoming LSU Homecoming LSU Homecoming LSU Homecoming LSU Homecoming LSU Homecoming

LSU Homecoming

And then while I should have been doing grad school work, I took a much needed nap. That nap was the! Then my fiancé woke me up saying something about Bourbon Street.

Fun times. I'll go back there. Not just to NO, but to Baton Rouge too!

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