The Thankful Project Day 15: An Annoyance

The Thankful Project

Today’s Thankful Project prompt is “an annoyance”.  What annoys me…there is a lot that I’ve noticed since A and I have moved in together to save money before the wedding. And I can share this because I’ve told him how much it gets on my nerves so it won’t be a shock to him when he reads this!

 After I graduated from college I moved back in with my dad and then my mom so it was business as usual when it came to how things would be done-hand wash dishes, inspect the counter and floor for crumbs and if any are found, promptly remove them! We must not have bugs and roaches and creepy crawly things! Cleaning day is Saturday, laundry is on Saturday too. You get the point-there was a routine that I fell right back into.

When I moved away to the DFW area for work, I took a lot of those routines with me and as a result, my place was ALWAYS clean (now, I did have my days, but it was always presentable!). Now that A and I live together, I find myself annoyed by a lot! For example, he is a great cook-so I let him have fun in the kitchen. But some kind of way the floor is just ridiculous after he prepares our delicious feasts! And the stove. And the counter. I just don’t understand!! I’m used to cleaning as I go so by the time we sit down to eat, the kitchen is spotless. He doesn’t return things where he got them from, he leaves the linen closet door open-really bothers me!! and he’s always doing laundry –like every day there is something to be folded and put away! I hate folding clothes!! HATE IT!!


 I’ve gotten much better…meaning, I’ve learned not to nag-that never ends well, and I remember that we have two different ways of doing things and we’re figuring out our way of doing things together. I’m thankful that he is a great cook (because I am not!!), I’m thankful that he loves washing clothes, apparently! And I’m thankful that these little annoyances are nothing major and actually have helped me to loosen up. I’m very by the book most of the time. I want things done a certain way and that’s it, period. I don’t think it’s good to be so rigid. You spend too much time fussing about the small stuff that you miss out on the amazing stuff. So, I guess I’m thankful that these annoyances are helping me to loosen up and that he is more easy going than I am-it’s a good balance.

 What annoys you that you are thankful for? Please comment and share with me!

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