The Thankful Project Day 25: Something You Know

The Thankful Project

Today's The Thankful Project prompt is "something you know".


I spent most of yesterday trying to figure out the something I know that would be good enough to talk about for this post. It is 12:37am, I should be sleeping because I am working this week (boo!!) and it just occurred to me what that something is.

My posts for The Thankful Project have definitely prompted me to reflect on God's love for me. I know some may not want to read these types of posts, and by all means - feel free to read some of the other posts on my blog! I went to Grace Church  yesterday morning and it was a wonderful service. It covered David's battle with Goliath and highlighted these points:

Let God Define You

Bloom Where You're Planted

Choose What Offends You

Stop Worrying So Much About What Everyone Thinks

Learn How To Talk A Little Spiritual Smack

Declare What God Has Called You To Do- the purpose God has called you to is greater than the giant in front of you. 

This was such a timely message for me. It reinforced God's love for me and also showed me that I need to work on my trust and ability to surrender myself. Sometimes that gets really hard for me-and now is one of those times! It also showed me that everything I'm feeling and desiring to do is legitimate and that I just need to declare it. All the negatives that I face...and will face mean nothing at the end of the day. I was so moved yesterday and left church feeling so loved and so assured that the Lord has my back always and loves me unconditionally.

The final point of the message that really struck a cord with me was this:

David's purpose produced a savior. What will your purpose produce? 

Wow!! Feel free to share what you know about God's love in the comments, I'd love to hear and be inspired. But also feel free to share what you know about other topics as well - life, marriage, careers, friendship; you name it - I'm all ears!

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