The Thankful Project Day 26: Criticism You've Received

The Thankful Project

Today's Thankful Project prompt is "criticism you've received".

The criticism that stands out the most to me is that "I am very quiet/too quiet and not very outgoing".  I have been hearing that I am quiet from at least elementary school and not very outgoing has reared its ugly head as an adult. In the beginning it hurt...a lot and was very difficult for me. To this day, it's still very much a challenge. 

But, I have learned to be more accepting of who I am and pull the positives from that criticism. I am thankful that I am very quiet and not outgoing-"be yourself" is what I focus on and what's key to me. In hindsight, I have realized how much these qualities have saved me from drama and uncomfortable situations, and have protected me as well. Being quiet causes me to be very observant - I see a lot of what's going on around me. I wouldn't say that I am not outgoing...I'm just not as outgoing as say...A, Mr. social butterfly! I prefer to stay indoors - if I am going out, I prefer to know in advance, I don't really do spontaneous. I'm trying to break out of that!

My point is that these criticisms have caused me to learn to be comfortable with myself and not take what others think of me or how they ultimately view me to heart. I know myself and what I stand for, and that's all that matters. 

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Has a criticism you've received somehow shaped who you are? Were you able to turn that criticism into a positive?

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