The Thankful Project Day 19: A Book

The Thankful Project

I can't believe there are only 8 days left! There's still time to join the fun! Link up with Kenzie here.

Today's prompt is "a book".

I decided to write about the most recent book I read. I think that it was such a great read! Once I finally set aside some time ( I was getting my hair done!) with no distractions, it was really such a quick read-I finished in one day! And it warrants a second read after my dad gets done because I feel like I missed some hints or will learn something new the next time around. I am talking about this:

The Shack
<click on the  image to view website>

Oh my goodness!! I am thankful for this book because it put so many things in perspective for me concerning our personal walk with the Lord and what really moved me and brought me to tears was how the author presented the Holy Trinity in this moving!

If you have read this book, what did you think?? And if you haven't, I definitely recommend picking it up! It's a great read and is packed with some powerful messages!


  1. ill have to check this book out!

    xo & now following

  2. Yes, you definitely should!! I'm following you now too, cute blog!! AAAND LOVELY wedding photos!!

    Thanks so much for the follow!
    xo Keiz

  3. Just a day? How many pages does this book have?? Oh man, my books-to-read list is getting longer!!! I am adding this to my list! It better be good, Keizra!

  4. LOL! It is you'll love it! It is a fast read I promise!


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