The Thankful Project Day 14: A Blessing

The Thankful ProjectToday’s thankful post is about a blessing. I think this is very timely because I’ve been feeling “unblessed” lately, even though my mind and heart know that is not the case. I think that I have a tendency to focus on the negative at times. And right now, my negative is my career because I am not where I want to be or doing something that I love.
But, if I were to try to find the positive in that situation and in my life as a whole, I am extremely blessed. I’m still learning valuable skills that are transferrable to my personal goals. And at the end of the day, I have to remember that my life is not my own. The Lord has already created a path and a future for me so I have to take each experience for what it is – a stepping stone to the next level, to ultimately place me where He wants me to be...and remember to be patient!

And I am blessed in my life.  I look at other peoples lives and all the fun things they did as kids and teenagers, and even as college students. But then I think how thankful I am for how blessed I was and how the Lord kept me because I was just not very knowledgeable about certain things and so by being quiet and reserved, I avoided a lot. Don't get me wrong! I've had my fair share of drama and trouble, but it was not as bad as what others experienced.

I am also blessed because I am starting to explore my creative interests. I have a  loving family, a loving fiance who I will be marrying in a few months. I am traveling to Thailand for grad school in the Spring, I graduate next year as well. And with that comes a career path that I cannot see or fathom just yet, and motherhood which I am beyond excited to experience. I think I'll be a great mom! There are a lot of exciting things going on in my life right now and this is what I need to focus on rather than the negatives- or what I consider to be the negatives.

Everything I have experienced in my life, both good and bad, has molded me and made me into who I am today. That is a blessing. And the true blessing is being able to use my experiences on this earth to be a blessing to someone else in whatever way I can.
What are the blessings that you are thankful for?

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